Trousers are an integral part of men’s wardrobes. The vast variety of styles you can choose from online can make it easy to shop for the right pair of pants for all your requirements. There are formal pants, casual wear options, loungewear bottoms, as well as semi-formal styles of pants available in plenty of styles you can choose from. They are available in different fabric options as well as fit styles to cater to the needs of a large audience. You can find options like slim fit, relaxed fit, tapered fit, regular fit, and flared pants to choose from. You can include the different styles in your collection so as to have a versatile wardrobe. Depending on the event and occasion, you can select a suitable pair of pants and pair them with shirts or tees. You can wear boots, flip flops, oxfords, or sandals to complete the look you are going for. You can find stylish trousers for men from popular brands. You can browse through the collection and select from brands such as Allen Solly, Flying Machine, Louis Philippe Sport, AD & AV, Byford by Pantaloons, and many others. You can select suitable options and shop for trousers online for convenient doorstep delivery.  The information you are reading has been last updated on 15-Jul-22.


Trousers: Making a Difference to Your Attire


Creating an impression as a smart employee begins with the way you dress. That saggy pair of trousers or creased shirt can lead you to be written off before you even get a chance to prove yourself. On the other hand, someone with gelled hair, polished shoes and smart-looking clothes will be paid more attention to. Dressing up for work requires you to pay attention to a variety of details from the way you set your hair to how well your shoes shine. The right trousers are another very important aspect of a man’s attire at work. Wearing branded trousers and getting your hair styled in one the best salons is going to be a waste if you are in old and unfashionable looking pants at work. Good pants, on the other hand, add to your dapper look in formal office shirts. Brands like Peter England, United Colors of Benetton, John Players, Blackberrys, Levi’s and Allen Solly have stylish, well-cut trousers online that are designed to make you look really dapper when you pair them with formal shirts to work. We shall, in this article, have a look at some of the most important things that make good pants

The Mens Trousers Fit


No matter how stylish your trousers are, they are not going to have the kind of effect you want if they don’t fit you well. This is why ensuring that you buy a pair that fits you well is so important. Pants with the right fit are those that taper neatly towards the ankles without bunching up or forming wrinkles. At the same time, they should be loose enough to let you move around comfortably without hanging loosely around your legs. You also need to keep in mind that as formal pants are designed to be worn higher on the body, they should fit more neatly from the waist to the hips without sliding off, even without a belt.

If you are a few inches above 5’8


Finding well-fitting trousers for tall men is not easy-peasy - We’re sure you wouldn’t want more breeze at your ankles that what you would like. So make sure you pick the perfect length that complements your tall personality. HRX by Hrithik Roshan is your go-to brand if you are looking for great-looking trousers for your slighter longer legs. Blackberry trousers look great on tell men as well. So make a smart choice and pick pants that fit you exceptionally well.

If you are a few inches under 5’8


While tall men have their own problems, shorter men have their own set of problems. Finding the perfect trousers is not as easy as pie - shopping for pants for those with slighter shorter legs is tricky, but not difficult. If everything seems long and hemmings doesn’t work, then you can go for well-tapered pants from Wrangler and Allen Solly. And if you still can’t find a well-fitting pair, then you can always get them pro-hemmed or just roll them up.


If you are on the heavier side


Comfort is what you need to look at - start by looking at something that has room throughout. We’re sure you don’t want a pair of trousers that fits in the thigh and loose around the waist.


So know your body type and pick the perfect trousers online for a happy shopping experience. But before you go ahead and buy trousers, make sure you get all the other factors like color, size and type right. Once you get all these, you can simply log on to your favourite e-store and pick the best-looking trousers.You can now match a pair of trousers with your t-shirt and with a pair of Nike shoes and look stylish. Now what if you are unsure about your size? Follow the size chart given and buy accordingly. Another advantage of online shopping is that you can sit in the comfort of your house, browse through different styles available and then pick the best looking ones. And what’s better is, you can even avail online portal’s easy and safe return policies.


Trousers are available online in different styles, colors and sizes, so you can easily shop online to get yourself a good set of trousers for work without having to spend a day at the mall. There are trousers in different styles and colors that you can choose from according to what suits you best. Choose trousers that offer the right fit and get yourself a set of good looking cotton pants to look more professional at work.

Pleats Vs No-Pleats


When it comes to style, one of the first things you have to decide about your pants is whether you want them with pleats or not. Pleated trousers are those that come with a crease on each leg from the waistband right down to the ankle, creating a small fold that is permanently fixed in place. These add more flexibility, providing the wearer more comfort while he sits or stretches, without wrinkling or producing a tight and uncomfortable feel.


Maintaining a Collection of Men’s Trousers in Different Colors


When it comes to formal pants, black is a must-have color as nothing is better for formal dinners and other black-tie events. Cream is another essential color for the style, confidence and charisma that it provides the wearer apart from going well with shirts in different colors. What makes a pair of grey trousers so important is the fact that it can be used to make your look formal or casual, depending on the kind of shoes and shirt you want to pair them with. A few other colors that you can add to your wardrobe for a more interesting collection are navy blue trousers  and different shades of brown.


Buying Men’s Trousers for Casual and Formal Occasions Online


Your trousers can either enhance or spoil the look of your attire. It depends on how you choose a pair. Wearing a formal or casual shirt in the latest fashion and then pairing it with old trousers will just ruin the effect, won’t it? This makes a good collection of men’s trousers very important to have in your wardrobe. A good collection of men’s trousers is one that includes trousers for both formal as well as casual occasions. In this way, you can be sure that you look smart and create the right impression at all times. So, if you have been neglecting the kind of trousers you wear all this while, all you have to do is shop online to find a range of smart looking trousers from Arrow, United Colors of Benetton, Peter England and various other brands of trousers that you can choose from for a more sophisticated collection of men’s trousers in your wardrobe today.


Let’s Begin with Casual Men’s Trousers


Dressing up for casual occasions is always more fun with the range of outfits that you can experiment with. This does not include T-shirts and casual shirts alone but a good collection of trousers too. While jeans are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, having only jeans in your collection of casual pants can be boring, right? This is why a range of stylish men’s trousers becomes very important. Brands like Allen Solly trousers, Park Avenue trousers, Wrangler trousers, People trousers and Flying Machine trousers have a range of stylish trousers in different colors that you can shop from. You can now have an interesting collection of casual trousers in different shades of cream, grey and brown that you can team with casual shirts over the weekend.


Buying Formal Men’s Trousers for a Sophisticated Work Look


You remember how your dad would grumble about the tailor not having done a good job with the formal pant material? The good news is that with the range of formal pants for men online, you don’t have this problem. All you have to do is shop for formal pants for men available online from brands like Van Heusen, Raymond and Louis Philippe. In this way, you can get formal pants in all the basic colors that match the different colored shirts in your wardrobe.


Whether it’s formal pants for work or casual pants to wear over the weekend, one feature that you have to consider while shopping for men’s pants online is the fit. Men’s pants come in three main fits namely regular, slim fit and skinny fit pants. If you are athletic or on the heavier side, a pair of regular pants is what you can go for. These provide a good amount of wiggle room to keep the wearer comfortable. If you want to show off your body, you can go for a pair of slim fit pants for men. Narrower than pants with a regular fit, these are designed to hug your body. On the other hand, if you are on the skinny side, trousers with a skinny fit are what you can opt for. These are designed to taper from the waist to the ankles, giving the wearer a neat and stylish look.


Shopping for men’s trousers online, you will also find a range of comfortable trousers for home in interesting patterns and designs that you can choose from. So, shop online to buy all the formal trousers, casual and home trousers that you need to look stylish and comfortable at all times.


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Question and Answers


    Q.How can I ensure that my trousers look good?

    A.Wear pants that fit well, and do not opt for a floppy pair.

    Q.How do I know which pant size to buy?

    A.Waist, hips, inseam, thigh, and rise should be considered when deciding the pant size.

    Q.What are the various styles of trousers?

    A.Corduroy, woolen, twill chinos, relaxed legged, linen, drawstring, slimline joggers, cropped, cargo, high-waisted, pleated, and tracksuit bottoms are some of the most common trousers for men.

    Q.Are there different materials for pants for different seasons?

    A.It makes sense to wear bottoms in pure cotton and linen materials when the weather is hot and humid. Synthetic materials, blends, or woollen materials are good for winter.

    Q.What are the various fits of trousers for men?

    A.Extra slim, athletic, straight, and classic are the five basic fits. There could be variations in the same, based on the body type, that you can choose from.

    Q.How can I get different looks with the same pair of bottoms?

    A.A classic white shirt, tie, and tailored jacket with pants would suit a formal do. A dress shirt would look right for the office. Wearing a gaily printed shirt or tee would be suitable for a family day.

    Q.What is the classic fit for a pair of bottoms?

    A.Trousers with a flat or pleated front, slim fit, regular-waisted, and straight cut are considered a classic pair of trousers for men.

    Q.Are there pants available for above or below-average height people?

    A.Yes, there are specialist brands that cater to this requirement.

    Q.What type of pants should I opt for if I am overweight?

    A.Often, overweight men opt to wear loose and comfortable pants. But that is a mistake as that makes a person look larger. It makes good sense to opt for slim-fit dark-coloured ones. You can also opt for stretchy material.

    Q.What are some of the popular top brands of pants that I should check out before purchasing?

    A.Some of the top brands that have their range of pants on offer online are Van Heusen, HRX by Hrithik Roshan, Metronaut, Peter England, and AD & AV

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